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Examples of our work with our clients


The company received instructions to produce a costs budget in one of the largest pieces of commercial litigation and one of the most important IT cases in the UK. The budget ran to 10s of £millions.

The budget was produced over a number of days rather than weeks and we worked with our Client at strategy milestones during the project to ensure that the budget performed.


We were engaged to assist with the construction and production of a novel funding product produced by one of the largest regional law firms.

We were brought in to the project to ensure the product was compliant with the existing regulations, would properly financially perform for the Client and importantly was absent of enforceability issues.


We were engaged to assist in the production of a formal tender proposal for a legal contract for a nuclear energy company. The service contract was expected to be worth in excess of £10 million legal fees.

Costs Management advised and assisted the Client on the production of formal documentation and preparations for the tender process. A tender we are pleased to say our client won.