Costs Management is a specialist legal costs firm transcending the traditional practices of Costs Lawyers by delivering a refined expertise in Legal Project Management, Legal Pricing and Funding.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

About us

Jason founded Costs Management in 2005 and has since developed a strong association with the Commercial Legal Community.

In the last 30 years Jason has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He was previously employed as the Litigation Group Costs Manager at Global Law Firm DLA Piper and was also a member of the Costs Team at Hogan Lovells.

Jason has been engaged in some of the largest costs litigation in the UK but with Client’s needs changing Jason has more commonly been engaged to advise, assist and support clients in a wider range of briefs from identifying suitable legal expertise to assisting with tender beauty parade, negotiating and finalising the fine terms of business, advice and assistance on funding products and costs case budgeting and performance management.

Now widely recognised as one of the leading costs management specialists, Jason is a qualified Costs Lawyer with Higher Rights of Audience, a Trained Mediator and founder of his own Legal Practice and Costs Management business.

He was engaged in a multi track costs trial over a period of months producing what was described as one of the most comprehensive Scott schedules (costs) ever seen in the Technology and Construction court.

The firm works with major international law firms and global commercial organisations as well as bespoke services for national businesses, high value individuals and boutique law firms.

Costs Management is regularly retained to advise on and represent clients in high value and specialist costs litigation and costs management. The firm has been engaged to costs manage some of the UKs largest commercial litigation, advise on commercial funding products and retainers and design and structure high value pricing models.

Having a in-depth understanding of modern litigation practices has allowed the firm to assist Clients to depart from the traditional practices of buying and selling legal services based on time and ensure worth and value are of comparable importance to the expertise provided.

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"
We work with our clients to look beyond traditional litigation price structures that reward the inefficient instead utilising and developing funding models that acknowledge and reward expertise, expedition and value.
Jason Harvey Osborn, Costs Lawyer with Higher Rights of Audience

Services and Client Case Studies

  • Preparation of Bills of Costs
  • Settling Points of Dispute and Replies
  • Preparation of Statements of Costs and Schedules for Security for Costs
  • Costs Mediation and ADR
  • Higher Rights to conduct Costs Litigation Process
  • Construction of Precedent H compliant costs budgets
  • Negotiation and recording Precedent R compliant Agreement reports
  • Advocacy for Part 47 and Part 3 Hearings
Case Study

The company received instructions to produce a costs budget in one of the largest pieces of commercial litigation and one of the most important IT cases in the UK. The budget ran to 10s of £millions and ultimate the need for a detailed assessment of costs was negated.

  • Advice and assistance with Retainer, Funding Models and Invoicing Compliance
  • Comprehensive Solicitors Act support including preparation of SA1974 pleadings, witness evidence and other supporting documents
  •  SA1974 Mediation and ADR
  • Advocacy for Part 8 Directions and SA1974 Hearings
Case Study

Engaged to assist with construction of a novel funding product produced by one of the largest regional law firms. Jason was brought in to the project to ensure the product was compliant with the existing regulations and absent of enforceability issues.

  • Assisting legal professionals to tender for legal projects
  • Production of legal tender documents for industry Client tenders
  • Advice on funding options and appropriate models for both legal professionals and industry clients.
  • Costs management of legal projects and performance reviews
Case Study

We were engaged to assist in the production of a formal tender proposal for a nuclear energy company where the service contract was expected to be worth in excess of £10 million. Costs Management advised and assisted the Client on the production of formal documentation and preparations for the tender process. A tender we are pleased to say our client won.


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Jason Harvey Osborn
Managing Director